By Tuesday morning there were more than two lines of tow rigs waiting to enter the Chili Bowl
While inside the huge building, the track (shown here the back straightaway) waited final grooming, and the floor was being prepared for striping.
Once inside, the cars are unloaded and put up on wheel stands.  And the work to set them up for the track begins.
Pit crew members begin the exacting work of making decisions about shocks, tire sizes and ride heights.
Each car has its own worksheet used to begin the set-up.  Then as the track changes, more changes are made to each car.

Fans watch the work being done on the cars, sometimes chatting with pitcrew members through the fence.
Many fans come to the track year after year, following the progress of their favorite drivers or visiting with pit crew members they have known over the years (especially old folks like us).
After this intense discussion between Dan and Cliff about the set-up for the 27 Gaerte, Jan Howard drove to a first place win on Friday night.
Uncle Bill has pitted for Jan and Dale Howard for many years.  He knows what he is doing and can work faster and smarter than many younger men (including Cliff).. 
The crew included Pepsi, from Mississippi and Bubba, from California.  They helped bring the three cars and drivers to success: a Feature event win, a hard-charger award and a Main event win.
During a rare lull in the work in the pits, Paul, pitman for Sparky Howard poses with Cliff.
A successful racing team needs great sponsors.  With the Brimhall's Brim's Snacks and James and Lynn Howard's assistance this team received outstanding support.
NCRA/ASCS/All-Star driver Jan Howard, driver of the 27 Stealth Gaerte, won a "C" main event on Friday night.  Jan is a multi-talented driver, racing both 410 and 360 Sprint Cars during the year.  He transferred to the next main, and was moving fast until a midget landed on top of his car.
Sparky Howard, driver of the 27C Stealth Gaerte, drove a tough race on Thursday night in the 15 lap Second B Main event.  At the end, with a round of applause from the stands he had earned the "Hard Charger Award".  During the year, Sparky has rides in Winged and Non-Winged Sprint cars as well as dirt midgets. 
Shown here with his team drivers, Dale Howard, driving the 27B Stealth Pontiac, won his Feature race on Saturday.  During the year Dale races a Sprint Car with the O'Reilly ASCS National Tour as well as the Memphis Motorsports track.