With the Southwest Expressline Custom Trailer hooked up to the Kodiak Coach,  four Midget 27 cars are ready to be loaded for the trip to the 2010 Chili Bowl in Tulsa, OK. 
NICK CHIVELLO, BCRA Rookie of the Year and BCRA Asphalt Champion driver, along with Dad, Dan Chivello and Grandfather Paul Chivello of the Chivello Motorsports team, are adding last minute touches to the 27D Midget.
TONY ELLIOT,  Main Event runner at the Chili Bowl, as well as a veteran driver in the USAC series is piloting the Midget 27C car in the 2010 Chili Bowl. Tony ranks near the top of the list of all-time USAC Sprint Car wins.
BROCK LEMLEY, a championship Sprint Car winner, is returning to the Chili Bowl for a second year.  He will be driving the Midget 27 car.  Among others, Brock won the 2009 360 championship at Skagit, Washington.
The 27B Stealth Gaerte Midget is a TBA at this time.