The 2008 Chili Bowl opened with the largest number of entries ever recorded for the Chili Bowl event.   The 27 Rig arrived in Tulsa, OK on Friday, January 4, 2008 and waited in line outside the Expo building until Sunday, January 6, 2008.

Beginning early Sunday morning, over 250 race car rigs were moved into the Expo.  By the end of Monday cars were unloaded and equipment set up in the pit area.
An impressive team of drivers and crewmen were ready to put the three 27 cars on the track.
Veteran driver, Tony Elliott, was driving the 27B, 2007 BCRA Midget Lites champion, Doug Nunes, was slated for 27C and Kyle Larson, 15 year old 2007 Rookie of the Year Nominee for the Sprint Car Hall of Fame would pilot 27D.
The majority of the day on Tuesday was open for practice of all entries.   Pre-Qualifier Hot Laps and Races began at 5:00 p.m.
Cliff stayed out and around in the pits, going over the cars with team members before practice laps.
Kyle Larson's car, 27D,  ready and looking good for Tuesday practice.
It was Tony's turn to be pushed out for practice laps.
Prequalifier Doug Nunes, 2007 Bay Cities Racing Association Midget-Lites Champion, had no trouble making the cut to continue to the Mains events on Saturday.
Tony Elliott, a veteran at the Chili Bowl, talking track with Kyle Larson and Pete.
Tony Elliott took the 27B car out on the track Wednesday.   Tony knows how to put the car around the track. One of the most versatile drivers in USAC, Tony also  ranks near the top of the list of all-time USAC Sprint Car wins. 
Seems as though there is always a crowd around when Tony is on or off the track.

Kyle Larson was on the track on Friday.  There was no doubt, after the ATV pusher started him off,  that Kyle knew what to do with car 27D

Each year, something new pops up.  This year was no exception.  Saturday started off with a both television and radio coverage of the 27 Team., in conjunction  with Radio Station WHB 810 focused their camera on the 27 Team pit area in order to use it as the background for their broadcast.
Shortly after, an Oklahoma City TV crew arrived, and asked if their newscaster could suit up and sit in a race car for their morning broadcast.  Doug Nunes was happy to oblige with suit, helmut & car 27C.
Tony Elliott, Moose, and Mike Larson started a careful check of the cars prior to lining up for Saturday racing.
The next morning, Sunday, most rigs were out and back on the road while the heavy equipment was in the bullring, removing the track dirt......
                             .....     until next year, Chili Bowl 2009.
Then everyone took a moment to relax before the action started.
The drivers and crews were busy all night as they kept all three  cars on the track.