CHILI BOWL 2007 started with beautiful clear skies, longer lines, more racecars......
and a clean rig, thanks to Mr. Klean.
A powerful team of four talented drivers was assembled to race the four  #27 midget cars.
The 27Car rig moved into the Expo Building on Monday.  Since racing began on Tuesday this year, it took a lot of fast work to set up the pit area .  Pit Boss Moose and his assistant, Kay stayed busy.
Todd Kimmel, and his pit crew were working hard to get the car, 27D, ready for Tuesday. Butch Kimmel and Pete stayed with it, and Todd was suited up, ready to go.

Wednesday, Neil Shepherd and his pit crew were making final changes to the car, 27B.  Chad Baker, Robbie Starkey and Brian Cox worked with Terry Shepherd to get the car ready.
Thursday morning opened with Jesse Hockett's team getting car 27C ready to run.  Scott, Jarrod, Kelly, and Jack Hockett were mounting tires and changing shocks in preparation for putting the car on the track.
Friday brought the Ralph Cortez team together, preparing the 27A car for a full day of racing.  Mark Palmero, Dave Powell, Charlie Kemp, and Alan Haugh worked on the car, making it ready for Ralph Cortez to take on the track.
All four cars ran on Saturday.  There was some great driving and exciting action on the track, with pit crews moving fast to keep the cars out there.
When we began planning for our tenth year at the Chili Bowl,  we decided to add another Gaerte-powered car to our garage.  Here is a look at the cars in progress, as Cliff, with the help of Alan Haugh, got the cars ready to go.
A total of 260 dirt track midgets competed on Saturday.  Race Officials managed the non-stop racing events smoothly and efficiently. 
After 20 years, you wouldn't think this racing extravaganza could get better, but it did.