We were happy to have the Pontiac motor back for another run at the Chili Bowl.  In the past, this "Old Lady" had developed a reputation as an event Winner on small dirt tracks in California.  Nothing spectacular, just a fun, solid motor.
With the help of a fellow car owner, Allen Haugh, the Pontiac was reinstalled in its Stealth frame, ready to push off at the 2006 Chili Bowl.
New  header systems were installed in the two Gaerte-powered cars.
Rob Russell, driver of Dave Thurston's Chili Bowl car, spent a day helping with the final work on the Gaertes.  The racecar hauler was parked in front of the garage, loaded with supplies for the trip.  The inside ramps had been installed in the trailer, making it ready to haul four cars to the Chili Bowl.
...when a puddle of coolant was found under the Pontiac. With three days left before leaving for the Chili Bowl, we found a leaky head gasket, replaced it, and loaded up the cars.
When one begins to think the Chili Bowl couldn't be any better, Emmett Hahn and Lanny Edwards create a Chili Bowl that is better.  The 2006 Chili Bowl began with a full day of practice laps on Tuesday for the 270 cars signed in, and ended with the Main Event races on Saturday.  The pit area was crowded with trailers, race cars, and pit crews.  But as a result of the skill of the folks in charge, it worked.
Early on Monday the 27 Trailer was inside the Expo Building and 27A, 27B and 27C midget race cars were unloaded.
The Todd Kimmel team, Butch Kimmel (Dad) Car Crew Chief and Todd Kimmel, Driver, were working on the Gaerte 27B.  Todd Kimmel, 2005 US 24 Speedway Champion, was getting ready for his first midget ride.
The 27 Team shared the pit area with a big rig trailer from the MoPar group
By the end of the first day inside the Expo Building, 27A, 27B, and 27C were ready to race.
Howard Segur, Jr., son of one of the founders (1939) of Bay Cities Racing Association, California, stops by to talk shop with Cliff.  Howard Jr. is a past BCRA Champion driver.
Every car must carry a Transponder any time it is on the track.  The Transponder  records the speed of car during laps.  A crew member must pick up a Transponder from one of these nice ladies to attach to the car
On Practice Lap day, 27B, driven by Todd Kimmel,  ran an impressive 6th Quick Time, out of 270 cars.  Todd Kimmel, although it was his first time in a midget, was a fast, smooth driver during his laps
Pits crews for Sparky Howard and Leroy VanConett were getting their cars ready to put on the track.
The team has the 27A car ready for Sprint Car Hall of Famer LeRoy VanConett.
He is strapped in and pushed off by his son, Roy VanConett.
Taking a moment, Butch and Moose rest with just two cars in the pits.  Cliff and Chris Walker talk shop. Moose, Pit Crew Chief, did a superb job working with the three cars and the three Pit Crews.  Everyone worked hard, and when needed, helped out on another car.  It was an extraordinary experience to see the teamwork among these thirty men (and women).  
Kay, Assistant Pit Crew Chief, keeps the paperwork straight while everyone in the pits are moving fast.  All three cars have races today. 
Todd Kimmel. Sparky Howard, and Eric Schultz wth Sparky's car 27C.
Todd Kimmel and his ride, 27B,  in line, waiting for the a push to the ramp.
The Saturday Main Event Races were Outstanding.  Our cars all came back to the pits in good condition after their race due to the excellent racing skills of their drivers.

We are looking forward to Chili Bowl 2007, and hope that the weather is as warm as it was this year.
LeRoy VanConett,waiting in his ride, 27A.