Beginning in October, 2004, Cliff began working with a TCR midget frame, in preparation for the 2005 Chili Bowl.  Along with the new parts and equipment used to build the car, an Esslinger engine was installed.
By December, 2004, the Esslinger was on wheels, with the body panels fitted to the frame.
It was signed up to race at the Chili Bowl as 27A, with National Sprint Car Hall of Fame driver, Leroy Vanconett.
During the last week of December, 2004, the car was taken to Galt, California for final touches by Crew Chief Chuck Cypert.  Roy Vanconett and Chuck, along with Leroy, spent an intense three days working making modifications for Leroy Vanconett's first ride at the Chili Bowl.
During much of the time, from October through December, 2004, the Gaerte-powered car, 27C,  was being touched up by Crew Chief Paul Torzilla.
Sparky Howard, Sprint Car Champion winner, was slated to drive for the Chili Bowl 2005.
27B, the Stealth Gaerte-powered car, was waiting for a rebuild of its engine.
The Chili Bowl is an awesome sight.  From the "bull-ring" track at one end of the building to the pit area at the other end, it is hard to describe the thrill one feels when seeing the lineup of trailers and equipment inside the Expo Building.

Each midget carries an electronic transponder while it is racing.  The Transponder crew gets ready for the next night of racing at this table.
And each night, a crew member lines up to collect a transponder for each car.

Lanny Edwards, one the key people in presenting the Chili Bowl, is seen often before, after and during the races.  Here he is shown using an electric cart in the pit area.
The three cars, 27A, 27B, and 27C are lined up in the pit area behind the trailer, which hauled four midgets to the
Chili Bowl this year.
During the four days of racing, work on the cars continues non-stop.  Here, Eric makes an adjustment on Sparky Howard's 27C car.
When two teams work out of one pit area, successful team work is a powerful thing to watch. 
In these photos, members of both teams move quickly and expertly to keep the cars in top condition.
Paul watches Moose adjust a frigglerenz as Sparky works over a wheel. 
Roy and Moose muscle 27A up on stands and after hot laps, Chuck talks over track conditions with Sparky.
Tim and Eric push Sparky Howard out of the pit to the line up for a race.
Leroy Vanconett belts up for a heat race, while his grandson, Lee waits to hand him his helmet.
Doug Hunting takes the wheel of 27A, his first time in a midget, as well as at the Chili Bowl.  He looked good as he qualified for the D Main on Saturday.
And Cliff was smiling big when Sparky Howard picked up the ratings that put him in the B Main on Saturday.
The pit area is always a busy place and many welcome friends stop by.
Here, Jack Walker shares a moment with Leroy, while Chris Walker and Cliff watch the races on the Big Screen.

Jimmy Boyd, Sparky and Leroy pose for the camera after Leroy's spectacular barrel roll during heat laps.

Pancho Carter, long time racing friend poses with Sparky Howard
Robin Miller, Speed News, spent time in the 27car pit area, visiting with Steve Stapp, National Sprint Car Hall of Famer and Roy Vanconett.
Everyone had a great time ... and it is three cars again for 2006.